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Headed Back To Haiti

0 Comments 29 January 2013

I’m headed back to Haiti this week with Servants Heart Ministry and myLIFEspeaks, two great ministries.

On my first trip, we helped rebuild a house for a widow and her family.  The video that got the most feedback from friends say “HOLY COW THAT LOOKS DIFFICULT” was ‘The Long Walk’.  We hauled several hundred cinder blocks down 75 stairs down the side of a mountain in Haiti in July.  You can check out the video here:


This time we’re going to help start a ministry, with Servants Heart working with myLIFEspeaks to start a feeding program in Haiti.  You might remember Servants Heart from my trip last year when Krista and I took our girls on their first mission trip, to the Dominican Republic.

This time I’m leaving the family at home, where they’ll be in the safe keeping of my wife’s family, which is sort of the Italian version of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.  The joke is that there are more people at my house when I’m out of town than when I’m in town!

Please keep me, Rob, the rest of our team and our families in your prayers, and the people of Haiti and Neply even more so.

You can follow me on twitter @premierebrian, and http://instagram.com/brianlord.

What do you want to learn about Neply?  What would you like to know about the people there?




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