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The Triathlete’s Secret Weapon At Work

0 Comments 22 September 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 5.56.44 AMDid you know that many triathletes and runners have a secret weapon they could be using at work?  Make sure to only read this article if you want to improve your work performance, triathlon performance, avoid crows feet, and enhance your “that person is weird but also weirdly cool” vibe you’ve likely been building up with your non-endurance co-workers.

Last year I read an article called “Balance Training For Triathletes” by Ben Greenfield in LAVA Magazine.  In it, Ben states that to improve your visual balance, triathletes who spend quite a bit of time looking at screens (i.e., almost everyone) should wear “gamer” glasses.  According to the Vision Council, 70% of US adults do experience eye strain from staring at computer screens.  I did some research and found out that A) the science checks out and gamer glasses do help reduce eye strain for most people, and B) gamer glasses start at $80-$100, which I didn’t want to spend.

However, I found out that as a triathlete, I already had gamer glasses and didn’t know it.  The two main properties at work for gamer glasses are anti-reflective or polarized coatings that reduce glare, and color tints, like amber or yellow, that increase the contrast on the screen and help eye muscle relax.  Not surprisingly, these properties are often found in the shades used by runners and triathletes.  I had a pair of Tifosi interchangable sunglasses I’d worn until the dark grey lenses had broken. However, I still had the amber and yellow lenses, so I brought those into work to try out.  In short, they were amazing.  When I put them on the first time, it’s like my eyes gave a sigh of relief.  It’s been close to a year now, and I believe they’ve not only helped my eyes feel better, but they’ve also helped in my work performance.  You don’t realize how often you’ve been leaning back and rubbing your eyes and taking Advil for ‘screen headaches’ until you stop. I also realized I’d been squinting at the screen, because I also open my eyes wider when I put the sunglasses on.  Hopefully wearing my triathlon sunglasses while on the computer will help keep the crows feet away a little longer, too.

To be honest, there was a little hesitation at first at wearing wrap-around sunglasses while at my desk indoors.  But let’s face it- if you’re a triathlete or marathon runner, your fellow employees already think you’re a little weird.  You’ll go through the same process you did when they first found out you were racing.  At first, they’ll say you’re crazy, but then it’ll just be part of you, so they’ll let you be.  Some may have even been inspired to imitate you.  The same will happen here.  Maybe you’ll get some odd stares and jokes at first, but they’ll get used to it and may start to follow your lead.  In fact, several months after I started wearing them, the owner of our company had eye surgery and was having trouble in recovery.  Someone told him about my weird glasses, so he dropped by my office to borrow them for a day.  The results were so dramatic for him that he decided to decided to buy some for himself immediately.

If you’re a triathlete or runner having eye strain at the computer, make sure to take advantage of your secret weapon and wear those tinted, anti-glare sunglasses at work!

PS- If you try this, definitely comment below to let me know!

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