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Bob Goff Interviewed by Dad & Daughter

No Comments 02 February 2015

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 10.55.44 AMMy daughter Sydney and I both got to interview Bob Goff, a very talented speaker, best-selling author, founder of Restore International, and a guy who has had many crazy adventures both in business and with his kids. Which interview do you like better?

Sydney’s Interview:

My interview:

Comment below on whose interview you like better!

P.S. I’m voting for Syd ūüôā

Also check out: Syd singing “Let It Go” in a snow storm (
My daughters B & Syd (with their cousins) learning how to use a fire extingquisher: (

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Fmr Southwest Airlines CEO- 10 Tools Every Leader Should Have

No Comments 09 September 2014

Howard PutnamDuring a chance encounter on an airplane (where else?), former Southwest Airlines CEO Howard Putnam ran into a talented and ambitious but inexperienced leader in need of some guidance.  What 1o tools did Howard Putnam tell this younger leader were needed?

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Is Talent Overrated?-Fortune’s Geoff Colvin

No Comments 30 January 2014


Does talent really matter? Check out this exclusive interview with Geoff Colvin, Fortune Magazine’s Senior Editor-At-Large and author of “Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else”.



Why I Hate Robert D. Smith’s book ‘20,000 Days And Counting’

2 Comments 24 January 2013

Ok, I know I’m supposed to be a nice guy, but I’m not really.¬† Sometimes being competitive gets the best of me. You see, since he’s Andy Andrew’s manager, and I’ve been one of Andy’s agents, I’ve been stealing ideas from Robert D. Smith for years.¬† Whether it’s sales or marketing, creativity or book publishing, Robert pretty much knows everything, and I try to take whatever I can get from him.¬† One time I was having lunch with him and asked him if he’d be a mentor.¬† You would have thought I’d just stuck his hand in an electric outlet.¬† “WHAT!?!?¬† WHAT!?!!?”¬† (For those of you who know Robert or have seen his videos, you know exactly how he would have sounded.) “You don’t ASK people to be mentors! That’s too much pressure! You just take stuff from them.¬† You put them on your made up board of directors.¬† You don’t ASK them.”¬† And Robert’s been an unwilling mentor to me ever since, man, has it helped me be successful.

Learning from Robert is absolutely, positively a competitive advantage.

And then he has to go and take all that wisdom and put it down for anyone in his book, 20,000 Days And Counting.¬† What’s up with that? It would be much better for my competitors at other companies to be able to allow themselves to be disorganized, overwhelmed, fearful of rejection, and all those other things that are better for me.¬† But no- now like salvation, Star Wars and slices of pizza, this great thing is available to everyone.

So now I just have to hope that none of my competitors read this book, and actually apply it, because that would just make my life so much more difficult.  We can only hope.

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Interview With John Izzo, Author of Stepping Up

No Comments 05 January 2012


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