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Why Guys Wish They Could Use The Force

No Comments 19 September 2013


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Thanksgiving Comic

No Comments 28 November 2011

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This was inspired by my wife, whose secret joy is the military precision with which she plans Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Kick Comics- Habitat for Humanity

No Comments 23 September 2011

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 Inspiration for this comic:
Back in my single days, I had a free Saturday and called up Habitat for Humanity to see if they needed any volunteers for a build.  I went where they sent me, and I was surprised to find out that I was only one of four or five guys there, vs. probably 100 women.  While working, I kept getting asked if my wife was there working, too.  “Uh, no.  I’m not married,” and then I’d get an odd look.  Turns out Habitat had accidentally sent me to a Junior Leauge “women’s-only” build.

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Hang Gliding Comic

No Comments 16 June 2011

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 I wrote this comic as a reminder to myself that I need to take the safe path less often.  After being in the music industry, I swore I wouldn’t go on a date with a professional singer, and ended up marrying one.  I laughed a friend who decided to run for an entire hour, and now I do marathons and triathlons. I couldn’t believe people would actually go to a book store, pick out random books and read them, but years later I was really sad when our Borders closed down.  I’m still who I am, but I’m glad I’m not who I was.

PS- I realized too late that I misspelled ‘rather’, and now the original of this comic is gone and I can’t change it.  Oh, well.

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Cracker Barrell Collection

No Comments 31 May 2011

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The funny thing is that in the four years since I drew this comic, Krista has gone from modern or something thereabouts, to Cracker Barrel, which has the chic name of “French Coastal”.  Being a student of French history, I asked her, “Which coast?”, to which she just rolled her eyes. 

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A Little Anniversary Humor

No Comments 08 April 2011

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Kick Comic About Shopping Maturely

No Comments 15 March 2011

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I wrote this one after a conversation between my wife and one of her sisters.  When we first got married, my southern California wife almost exclusively wore leopard and zebra print, and metalic-style clothing.  After a few years of marriage, not so much :).

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Cartoon Friday

No Comments 04 March 2011

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Fun fact: In college, I studied video and film production, and one of my projects was to make a music video, set to “The Hard Way” by DC Talk. One of the scenes was me playing basketball and having my shot blocked. I learned ‘the hard way’ (ahem, corny!), and then later in the video scored on the guy. Who says college is for smart people?

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Classic Kick

No Comments 19 January 2011

I’m famed/mocked for loving to run in the elements.  Every PR (personal record) I’ve had has been at or below freezing.

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Classic Kick Comics (12/3/03)

No Comments 14 September 2010

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