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3 Nashville Area Kids Triathlons

1 Comment 18 July 2015

3 Nashville Area Kids Triathlons

Nashville is a great area for kids to learn triathlon, and if there’s a season for the sport, it’s August.  You’ve got three great options all around the city.  I’ve got girls who started at ages 4 and 5, who are now 8 & 9, and I’ve loved sharing the experience with them.

A kid who can do a triathlon can do anything!

Here’s a birds eye view of three triathlons.  If your child can swim bike and run, but you’re not sure about how to change from one to another, or “transition”, read my recent post about “Kids Triathlon Practice 101“.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 8.30.36 AMSaturday, August 1– HEAT Kids Triathlon (Hendersonville)– The 6-10 year olds will swim a 50 yard pool swim, bike 2 miles, and run 1 mile.  11-15 year olds will swim 100 yards, bike 4 miles, and run 2 miles. $30 per child
Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 8.24.57 AMSunday, August 16– BEAT Kids Triathlon (Nolensville) (this is the one my club is putting on, so it’s already my favorite)-
Ages 5-7: 50 yard swim, 2.5 mile bike, 0.7 mile run
Ages 8-11: 100 yard swim, 2.5 mile bike, 0.7 mile run
Ages 12-15: 150 yard swim, 4.8 mile bike, 1.5 mile run
Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 8.32.05 AMSaturday, August 22– TRY BORO Kids Triathlon (Murfreesboro) Junior Division (7 to 10 years old): 100 yard swim – 2.4 mile bike – 0.5 mile run .
Senior Division (11 to 14 years old): 200 yard swim – 4.8 mile bike – 1 mile run.  $25 till 7/23; $30 after.
NOTE: If you plan on doing more than one triathlon in a year, sign up for a child’s membership for USAT.  You have to pay a $10 insurance fee for each event.  However, if you get a kids USAT membership ($15), that covers you for insurance.  Plus, you get the triathlon magazine subscription and a lot of discounts.

I hope you and your kids have a great time with triathlon this summer!

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Kids Triathlon Practice 101

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Screen shot 2015-07-13 at 3.39.38 PM

Most kids love to swim, bike and run.  Triathlon is a natural step to combine these things, but sometimes people (mostly parents) are uncertain how to teach them how to transition from one discipline to another.  But the answer is simple- just add water.   I recently did this with my nieces and nephews (twin 12-year-olds, triplet 5-year-olds) with my daughters, kids triathlon veterans, helping out.  They absolutely loved it.

The order for 99% of the triathlons out there goes like this- first swim, then bike, then run.

Here are the basics for what you’ll need (please note, this is mostly focused for kids aged 5 to 12. Older kids doing longer distances may want to use adult tri tops and bottoms).

1. Swimsuit (most younger kids)
2. Goggles
3. Towel (any will do, but uniquely-colored beach towels are the best)
4. Bike
5. Socks (the shorter, the better with wet feet) and running shoes

As a parent, you’ll want to figure out a safe bike and run course, either a park or a cul de sac, or somewhere with little traffic.  I’ll also enlist and older kid or another adult to help make sure no one goes off course.

SET-UP – (before the race)
Screen shot 2015-07-13 at 3.39.19 PM

The set up is important.  At the event, there will be many towels laid out, so it’s best to use a beach towel or bike bath towel that’s a unique color or pattern.  This towel set up is directly beside the bike.

HELMET- Lay the helmet down with the straps out and untangled. Make sure your child can easily strap on his or her own helmet.  There are volunteers to help at the event, but it’s always quicker for a child to do their own.  I had my girls practice buckling and unbuckling their helmet when they were younger while sitting in front of the TV.

SOCKS- If your child normally wears socks, have them wear socks in the race.  I find it easier if you roll the top of the socks so you can easily slide them over your feet.

SHOES- Make sure shoes are unlaced or un-velcroed (is that a word)? You can also get zip-tie like laces or no-tie laces for $6-$10 of varying quality from Wal-mart for the cheap kind to your running/tri shop for the fancy kind.

SHIRT/SHORTS- Boys generally wear normal swim trunks for the whole thing.  Some put on a shirt before the bike or run.   Girls can add shorts and/or t-shirts before they put on their shoes.

SWIM to BIKE (“T1” or “Transition 1”)

For the “swim”, I’ll have my kids put on their goggles and spray them with the hose. They absolutely love this.  If you don’t have that handy, have them all stand close together and throw a bucket of water on them.

They then run over to their bike and transition towel.

-The helmet always goes on first.

-Have them practice drying off their feet on the towel and then putting on socks and shoes.  It’s fine to sit down to put on socks and shoes.

“Bike Line”- One thing kids need to know is that they can’t bike directly from their towel.  They’ll have to run their bike to the bike line before they can get on their bikes (this is so they don’t run over kids who are still putting on shoes). I’ll set up a bike line at the end of the drive way with a cone where they are allowed to mount their bike.

Then they’re off!  I won’t have them go too far, just down to the end of the street and back, or around the cul de sac.  If it’s a street, I’ll make sure an adult is at the other end to turn the kids around, and to give warning if there is any traffic.

When they finish, they’ll dismount at the Bike Line and run their bikes back to their towels.

BIKE to RUN (“T2” or “Transition 2”)

Since they already have their shoes on, this is a really simple transition.

Have them park their bikes, take off their helmet and place it on the towel.  Then can they run out.  I’ll usually have them do a short run around the cul de sac or down the street, again with another adult at the end for safety.

I’ll also have a water station on the road, where I teach them the “drink and dump” move.  This is THE highlight for the kids.


Basically, you set up a folding table on the sidewalk with a bunch of Dixie cups of water.  As the racer runs by, you take a drink, and then dump the water on your head, and throw down the cup (after the practice race is over, make sure to pick up the cups, of course.)  My nephews liked this part so much, they did the whole thing over again so they could ride their bikes over the cups.

Finish line

Cheering is a must.  Dust off that old boom box for some music. You can also throw water on them or anything else to celebrate their achievement, even in practice.  If you keep the distances short, you can repeat this, invite the neighbors to try it with you, and just have fun.  We love it.

I hope this helps you have some fun with your kids and get them (and you) prepared for their first or next triathlon.

Remember- a kid who can do a triathlon can do anything!

If you live in the Nashville area, make sure to sign your kids up for the BEAT Nolensville Kids Triathon on August 16– it’ll be awesome!

Other kids triathlons include the HEAT Kids Triathlon on August 1 in Hendersonville, and the TRY BORO Kids Triathlon on August 22.

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“Let It Go” by Sydney Kate Lord

5 Comments 04 March 2014

Syd is driven to be a famous singer.  As soon as she saw it was snowing, she exclaimed, “I have to put on something blue and doing a video singing in the snow!”  My California-born wife, who is afraid of any and all forms of precipitation, exclaimed (there’s a lot of exclaiming in our house), “You can’t go out in that!  No one goes out in that!” (granted, it was only 21 degrees out.) A few minutes later, my wife relayed the story to me, and I said I’d be happy to video Syd singing, and here is the result.

Syd Snow

Syd seems to be a natural performer. She immediately grasped the production value of singing in the snow. She also didn’t break character or stop either when snow started gathering on her eyes or her friends started yelling up from the street.  Plus, she’d worked hard enough on the song beforehand that when the chance came up with a surprise snowfall, she was ready.


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How To Use Halloween Candy To Make Your Kids Rich

1 Comment 02 November 2013

They did a study where they put a child in a room with a marshmallow.  They told the child they could eat this one marshmallow now, but if they waited 15 minutes, they could have two marshmallow.  Most of kids couldn’t wait and gobbled up the marshmallow right away, but some kids were able to wait the 15 minutes and got two.  They then tracked these kids through high school and into adulthood, and found some pretty incredible things.  The kids who could wait ended up averaging 210 points higher on their SAT skills.  Because these kids could practice delayed gratification- putting off something good now for something better later- they became better savers and investors and became much wealthier in life.  (from Richard Paul Evans’ “Five Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth.”) Continue Reading

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Why Guys Wish They Could Use The Force

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Going to the marathon expo with kids? You HAVE to do this.

No Comments 27 April 2012

Extra Snickers bars? Check

If you’re going to run marathons and race triathlons, you have to get your family on board.

One of the best ways to get your kids to love it is to have them go ‘trick -or-treating’ at the race expo. My girls, 5 and 6, absolutely love this. They each get one of the many bags vendors hang out, and then they go around to all the vendors and say “trick or treat!” And since they’re cute little girls and not greedy adult runners, venders just love giving them tons of free stuff. At the last expo we attended, I got a few gels and a bottled water from vendors. My girls each got tech tees (adult medium, but who cares) race finisher medals, a bunch of gels, bars, waters, gatorades, shaving cream- probably $100+ in free stuff. The girls didn’t want any of it, they just had fun ‘trick-or-treating”. And I had enough gels to last for months.

Scary Disney Marathon Poster!

As my friend Shawn says, “Kids are expensive! You might as well get some money back from them.”

 Have fun at the expo!

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