The Incredibly Fun Christmas Tree Fire Extinguisher Activity

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Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 4.46.19 PMHave you ever wanted to an activity with your kids that really fun, secretly educational, and could possibly save your house and your life?

Christmas time is one of the most popular times for fires, what with putting a real, dry Christmas tree in your house, all those candles and all that paper wrapping and what not.  There is no better time to learn how to use a fire extinguisher. I myself had never used a fire extinguisher before, so I asked my brother-in-law Dave, an actual firefighter, to teach me and my kids how to use one,with some help from my twin niece and nephew, too.

Let me tell you, there is nothing kids love more than firing off a big, surprisingly loud extinguisher.  They had the time of their lives, and I actually learned how to use a fire extinguisher myself.


We had an actual firefighter with us.  If you don’t have one of those, just set up some kind of target outside- you don’t need to start an actual fire for target practice.  Please observe all safety precautions.  Kids, make sure to have your parents permission and supervision.

What You Need:

1 fire extinguisher for ever 1-2 children or adults.

1 target, with 6 feet of space between you and your target.

Here is your video to see how it works:

The P.A.S.S Method- 4 Steps To Putting Out A Fire With A Fire Extinguisher

1) PULL– Pull the pin out of the fire extinguisher.

2) AIM– Aim the fire extinguisher at your target.

3) SPRAY– Pull the trigger and spray at the BASE (not the top) of your target.

4) SWEEP– Move the spray back and forth at the base of your target.

Make sure to watch the end of the video for some bonus tips and answers.

Are you going to try this?  Let me know how you like it!

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How To Become A Christian


Why This $100 Bike Is Better Than Any Bike You Own

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Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 3.00.55 PMI’m an age group triathlete, and I’ll admit it- I probably spent too much on my carbon fiber bike.  Sure, it does help me be healthier, and on group rides and at races, it helps me hang out with my friends.  But it’s nothing compared to this $100 bike. This $100 bike will help girls in Cambodia and India get to school safely, and more easily avoid violence and kidnapping that can happen to those who walk.  This $100 bike can help a girl have a better chance at a future, to grow up to be an educated woman, who can in turn make a difference in her family, town, and country.  You and I have our bikes that are cool, but don’t make nearly the impact that this $100 bike will.  If you want to spend money on the best $100 bike you’ll ever buy in your life, here’s the link.  I know I’m getting one!


New Sheriff In Town

2 Comments 31 July 2013

This is from an actual conversation that could only take place at a speakers bureau.

Me- “So, do you have everything you need to move forward with this speaker for your event? Is there anything else I can provide for you?”

Event planner- “Well, we have a new sheriff in town, and we need to check with him first.”

Me- “Yeah, I know new executives like to look things over for their first event.”

Event planner- “What?”

Me- “You know, when new executives first come in, they want to make sure they have a hand in approving speakers.”

Event planner- “No, we actually have a new sheriff in town.  Apparently he’s implemented some innovative processes down there at the Sheriff’s Department, and we might want to have him speak instead.”

Me- “Oh.  OK.”


How To Not Be Satisfied- What I Learned From Bobby

No Comments 12 June 2013

As a kid, being on non-winning teams was a past time of mine.  It didn’t matter the sport- baseball, football, basketball (heck, our chess club team was pretty cruddy, too).  It didn’t matter if I was on a school team or a city park league team, it was the same result- losing. In fact, if it weren’t for a magical run for by baseball team when I was ten (being the low seed and winning three straight in our tournament to finish one game above .500) I would have never been on single a team with a winning record in my life.

So when it got to my senior year and I was finally on a football team that was good- really good- I was thrilled.  We were winning games, not but luck, but by actually being better than other teams.  But something my teammate Bobby said to me after a game stuck out to me, and has stayed with me ever since.  Bobby was a big dude- 6’1, 225 or so (sorry, Bobby, I don’t have any old programs), who could run through a brick wall.  I remember in film study one time where the coach paused the film.  Bobby was playing linebacker, and had two offensive linemen in front of him, a full back coming in, and then the running back with the ball.  The coach hit play on the projector.  Bobby pushed his way through the two big linemen, got by the full back (it was unclear if the fullback just missed the block or dove out of Bobby’s way in fear), and ran down the running back for the tackle.  Just a beast of player, and a big reason we were so good.

As I mentioned, that year we were winning, but then one Friday night under the lights we played a really good team, and it was just their night.  I was playing defensive back and standing on the near side of the field by Bobby.  The final seconds were ticking away, and it was clear we were going to lose.  In my head, I remember thinking, “Well, at least we still have a winning record.”  Just then, Bobby took off his helmet, and with the most pained look on his face I’d seen on him, said “Man, I don’t want to just beat bad teams!”

I’d been happy just to be good, hopefully a little better than average.  Bobby wanted to be the best.  It didn’t matter how good other teams were, he wanted us to be better.   He didn’t want to be satisfied being average.  That thought has always stuck with me.  It’s not that I hadn’t worked hard to even get to that point of being someone who was playing for a really good team.  It’s more about the mindset than just physically working hard. But I realized there was another level to strive for, and that’s carried through to today.  When I started at my current company, we were probably the 150th biggest in the industry.  We often compete with other companies for the same business, and whenever I’d find out I was company with one of the top two or three companies in our industry for business, I wouldn’t shirk back. I’d go after that business even harder.  I really wanted to beat the best, and luckily that quite often happened.  Now we’re probably top five in the country.

Thanks, Bobby, for the great advice all those years ago!

(This is the first in a series of great things I’ve learned from friends in my lifetime that have helped me be a better person.)

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Headed Back To Haiti

No Comments 29 January 2013

I’m headed back to Haiti this week with Servants Heart Ministry and myLIFEspeaks, two great ministries.

On my first trip, we helped rebuild a house for a widow and her family.  The video that got the most feedback from friends say “HOLY COW THAT LOOKS DIFFICULT” was ‘The Long Walk’.  We hauled several hundred cinder blocks down 75 stairs down the side of a mountain in Haiti in July.  You can check out the video here:


This time we’re going to help start a ministry, with Servants Heart working with myLIFEspeaks to start a feeding program in Haiti.  You might remember Servants Heart from my trip last year when Krista and I took our girls on their first mission trip, to the Dominican Republic.

This time I’m leaving the family at home, where they’ll be in the safe keeping of my wife’s family, which is sort of the Italian version of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.  The joke is that there are more people at my house when I’m out of town than when I’m in town!

Please keep me, Rob, the rest of our team and our families in your prayers, and the people of Haiti and Neply even more so.

You can follow me on twitter @premierebrian, and http://instagram.com/brianlord.

What do you want to learn about Neply?  What would you like to know about the people there?



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Mark Allen- World Greatest Endurance Athlete

No Comments 12 December 2012

So, what does the World’s Greatest Endurance Athlete do after he finds out he’s been so honored by ESPN?

What can you do to become great?

All this and more in this interview with Mark Allen!


How To Start Your Donation Emergency Fund

1 Comment 07 November 2012

With Hurricane Sandy’s impact, I’m writing down what I’ve been suggesting to friends and families for years- how to start a Donation Emergency Fund.

Most people are familiar with an emergency fund– a one to six month supply of readily available cash in case of emergency, job loss, great need, etc.  It’s usually the first step toward financial stability.

But have you ever thought of having a donation emergency fund?

A Donation Emergency Fund is a one to six month supply of readily available cash in case of emergency, job loss, great need, etc- but in this case, it’s not for you, it’s for others.

Imagine if fellow Americans were rocked by a hurricane, a friend lost their house to a fire, or people in Japan suffered from a catastrophic nuclear disaster, and you didn’t have to choose between paying your own bills and making a life-changing donation.  In fact, instead of nothing or just a $10 text donation, you could quickly make a donation of $100 or even $1,000 without having to think about it.   Interested?  Here’s how to start.

STEP 1: Set aside some money in a SEPARATE account.  Do not keep this money in your regular checking account or other saving account.  The temptation to use it for regular expenses is too much for most people.  Make sure the account is one from which you can write a check, or use to donate online.  Although they’re not paying much now, our family decided to use a money market account so that the Donation Emergency Fund itself would grow.  BankRate.com has a list of current interest rates on money market accounts.

STEP 2: Grow your Donation Emergency Fund– Just like a normal emergency fund, you want to have 3 to 6 months (or more) of what you’d normally donate to charity.  If the median US household income is $50,000, and you donate 10% of earnings, that puts a one month Donation Emergency Fund at about $400, and a ‘fully stocked’ six month Donation Emergency Fund at $2,500.

STEP 3: Replenish Your Donation Emergency Fund– Emergencies will come up, and you will use this fund- just make sure to put back what you take out so that you’re ready for next time.  And don’t stop donating to your church and charities you support on a monthly basis.  This is something you have above and beyond for times of great need.

Having a Donation Emergency Fund is a very freeing thing.  When Hurricane Sandy hit, we didn’t even have to go and check what bills were due that week.  We were just able to give.  When friends who were missionaries in a country that began to fall into political upheaval needed to buy plane tickets to get home quickly and safely, we were able to give.  Make sure to start yours today.

Are you inspired to start your own Donation Emergency Fund?  Let me know below!


Best Halloween Costume Ever

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One our speakers, Josh Sundquist (paralympian and cancer survivor), is wearing one of the most creative Halloween costumes ever this year.


Does This Tie Go? Helping Kids Make Decisions

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As a dad, I knew from the beginning I wanted my daughters to be good at making decisions.  So, I had to put them in places where they had to make decisions.  Before each of them could talk, I’d ask them to make choices for me.  Clothes are easy and colorful and everything goes with khaki pants, so I started by asking them to help me pick out my shirt before work.  “Do you like the blue one or the other blue one?”, I’d ask, and they’d point to the one they liked.  I also made sure to not only ask their opinion, but to follow it (occasionally checking with mommy’s fashion sense just to be sure).  I wanted to make sure my girls knew that their decisions mattered, even if that meant I was a 5’11 mismatched doll that shaved.

This developed into them wanting to decide not only the shirt, but the shirt-tie-pants combination.  They’ve also gotten socks for me, so now I have argyle socks in black-grey- and blue/purple/pink/green/etc.  For Christmas, mommy let them each pick out a tie for me.  Sydney, not surprisingly, picked out what she liked the best, the brightest solid pink tie they had.  Brooklyn, on the other hand, went with what she thought I’d like the best- a rather tame, black and light grey patterned tie (does that mean she thinks I’m boring?).

They’re still only 5- and 7-years-old, so the jury is still out on how well they’ll make decisions, but at least I know they’ve been making some of their own decisions for a long time. I’m always on the prowl to find ways for them to make decisions on their own, rather than always telling them what they should do.

What decisions do you have your kids make?  What have you learned about them?

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Often The Best Things You’ve Ever Done…

No Comments 26 June 2012

One of my personal favorites:
After years in the business side of music industry, I made a rule that I’d never date a singer. Luckily I broke that rule, and eventually married my wife 🙂

What’s the best thing you’ve ever done that you almost didn’t do?

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