What do you get when you drop five “wazungu” (white people) into a Kenyan village that’s not seen wazungu for over 50 years? One crazy, amazing time.

We played with and taught kids, we attended the funeral of a community leader, we danced with old ladies blowing whistles, we slaughtered and ate a sheep (like butchered-not sacrificed), we participated in a council with elders, we attended a 4 hour church service, we made fried bread and tea in a farm hut kitchen.  Heck, I even got adopted by the women leaders and was given my own tribal name with back story (more on that later).

Of course, all of this was for a purpose. This community had been waiting 3 years to be partnered with a church.  In the mean time, they weren’t sitting on their hands waiting for the government or someone else to help make their community better.  They were working as hard as they could with what they had to make their community and the education of their children better.  For us, we wanted to listen and learn rather than come in and tell them what to do. The goal is to help them accomplish what they believe is most important, and what is most important to them is very cool.

If you’re inspired by these people and want to help, please donate $10, $100, or $1,000- click here:


No Clever Devils! and The Danger of Education (coming up)

A List of Surprises (coming up)

Getting A New Name (coming up)


Going to Kenya? Here’s some prep:

How to learn basic Swahili- You can download a free 30 minute lesson here: We all learned a few greetings, thank you, etc, and it was huge in building relationships. The Kenyan 410 Bridge leaders said it was the most they’d ever had a team use Swahili, so let’s keep that up!

Movies with Swahili (The Lion King, The Ghost and The Darkness, Out of Africa, The A-Team)

Books on Kenya (reviews forthcoming)


The organizations:

Want to learn more about our partner, 410 Bridge (hint: Cate is awesome!)

Want to learn more about Crosspoint Church?


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